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Can you overcome low self confidence?

Having high self-confidence is very important because it makes you feel more comfortable about your abilities and powers. However if you do have low self confidence issues, have no fear as there are actually methods that can be used to overcome low self confidence. Self confidence is all about trusting and believing in yourself, your judgments and decisions.

Low self confidence is not directly linked to low self esteem as it mostly involves a person’s beliefs in relating to the outside world whereas self esteem revolves around someone’s personal feeling about who they are.

Causes of low self confidence

The causes of low self confidence vary greatly depending on the many social, spiritual or biological factors one handles in their lives.

A person’s early environment however has a big influence in ones level of self confidence. Research has shown that one’s surroundings and relationships while growing up directly relate to their confidence patterns. Many siblings brought up under different home settings have differentiated confidence levels.

The children who were encouraged to speak openly from an early age retained that habit while those who were down trodden became generally shy and had low self drive. So make sure to provide your kids with a healthy environment to grow up.

Symptoms of low self confidence

Low self confidence has certain traits which may be seen by the people around or those you interact with. These traits may include how you react to different situations, how you address people, your general behavior or your body language.

People with low self esteem often have negative thoughts about their abilities which cause a declining spiral of achievement and disappointment.

Low self confidence and self esteem is mostly characterized by the following symptoms:-

  • Feeling inferior to other people
  • Being shy and uneasy
  • Lacking drive or direction
  • Failing at almost everything
  • Being bitter about your job, social or family relationships
  • An unending sense of worthlessness and uselessness
  • Reluctance to take up challenges, trust your opinions or be first anywhere
  • Inability to accept complements and self neglect
  • Depression and eating disorders

Simple tips to overcome low self confidence

Over coming low self confidence is very important. Our level of confidence directly affects our day to day activities. To build self confidence, you need to know that everyone has their own unique skills, abilities and strengths that can help them be whoever they want to be. And so do you.

To enhance your self confidence, dwell on your naturally gifted abilities, be realistic about your choices and step out with confidence because you have all it takes.

There are several options that can help you overcome low self confidence. These include Hypnotherapy, life coaching and counseling.

  • Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy works toward building ones self confidence through relaxation techniques and visual suggestions. Hypnotists usually work around the basic issue of a destroyed self image. When the mind is in a relaxed setting, positive submissions are introduced to the subconscious mind. You can try hypnotherapy even without having to visit a professional as many programmes are available online for those who may wish to try the program. Many people have successfully benefited from the use of Hypnotherapy. One of the biggest advantages of using Hypnotherapy is that it can be combined with other psychological therapies to overcome low self confidence.
  • Counseling and life coaching: Life coaching and counseling will boost your general self confidence by building your mental health. Counseling aims at making a person feel that they are self sufficient as far as handling and managing low self confidence. Counseling is a therapeutic relationship that’s conducive to your growth, development of personal skills and awareness of your abilities.

Finally it’s important to understand that low self confidence only destroys you, making you see yourself in a negative way while there is absolutely nothing wrong with you in any way. Forget past mistakes or failures, whatever happened in your past shouldn’t interfere with your present and future as it no longer matters. Be kind to yourself, take a few baby steps to improving your self confidence and in due time, you will be the one helping someone overcome low self confidence.