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Everyone of us keep chasing happiness in some way, shape or form. Everything that we do revolves around happiness. So its important that we understand what happiness is and how to use that understanding to lead a happy life.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness; or Can It?

‘Money can’t buy happiness’ is a line that has been peddled around for the longest time now. While on face value this is true, the fact is that even though it literally makes sense, the deeper meaning of it has some falsity that may go unnoticed. You are much less likely to be happy withoutContinue Reading

The Secret to Happiness – Not so elusive

Life would be so much simpler if the secret to happiness could be summarized in one sentence, but unfortunately, no such sentence exists. In fact, there are many different things that many different people would call the secret to happiness. However, the truth is that the so-called secret or secrets are not really secrets, andContinue Reading

How to find happiness in the simple pleasures of life

Every breathing person has a list of things that they would want to have in life. Underlying all those dreams of a great job, amazing relationship and loads of money that you want to have is the desire for happiness. Over the years and centuries, people have tried to find the secret to happiness. ThereContinue Reading

How to Be Happy In Life

It would be great if every one of us was given a manual on how our lives are meant to pan out, and that would mean we would be happy at every stage of our lives. Unfortunately, there is no such manual. However, the advantage that you have for living in a time and ageContinue Reading