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No wonder Abraham Maslow put “self esteem” on top of the pyramid of hierarchy of needs. Only when you move beyond the physiological needs, security needs and social needs will you be able to focus on self esteem needs. And that’s when you start to achieve great things.

Self Esteem Issues You Should Know About

When talking about self esteem issues, people often refer to low self esteem. However, there are two sides of the coin, and many ignore the too high self esteem problem. It is true that low self esteem can have a negative effect on a person’s life, but being too confident in qualities and abilities youContinue Reading

The most common low self esteem symptoms

Most low self esteem symptoms are obvious to the people surrounding the one who suffers from this problem. On the other hand, the one with the low self esteem problems does not actually realize s/he has them in most cases. People with self esteem issues very rarely discover on their own that almost all theContinue Reading

Body image and self esteem – why should you care?

Body image and self esteem have always been in direct relationship. The fact is that both low and high self esteem can be caused by the way we perceive ourselves. In a world where the physical appearance occupies such a high position, there is no wonder that our mind starts believing that if we areContinue Reading

Possible Causes of Low Self Esteem from Childhood Experiences

There are many things that can be considered to be causes of low self esteem, but each case is unique in its own way, and generalizing doesn’t actually mean that you’ve found the answer. If you or someone you love is dealing with low self esteem, the solution to this problem needs to start fromContinue Reading

What are the Best Ways to Build Self Esteem?

Finding the right ways to build self esteem can be very difficult, but necessary. Without self esteem and self confidence, you cannot succeed in life or maintain serious, strong relationships. Having a low self esteem level can have many negative consequences, which is why it is better to start dealing with your problems as fastContinue Reading