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Easy Ways to Develop Self Confidence

It’s quite surprising that very many people suffer low self esteem, yet very few seek to develop self confidence. Though human nature, focusing on your imperfections and weaknesses could be detrimental to your self confidence. So, the question is, how do you develop self confidence?

Developing self confidence means establishing a positive attitude, which is largely psychological as it starts in our sub-conscious mind.

It has been proven that lack of self confidence has made many people die being poor because they failed to use golden opportunities in their lives. This is due to lack of inner self drive that tells you that you CAN make it. The problem of low self confidence mostly manifests itself during teenage. While some of us learned to deal with self confidence issues head on, many are stuck and holding back on their dreams.

Well there are many ways to develop self confidence and live the life of your dreams. Take a few baby steps and you will be on your way to building a NEW YOU.

Ways to develop self confidence

The ability to make decisions and act accordingly starts when one is young. It forms the basis to develop self confidence. However, hostile environment may reverse, and parents are advised to be very tactful when raising their kids. By doing the following you will be able to improve courage and consequently self confidence.

  • Improve your language skills: Most people who have difficulties in speaking lack the confidence of making discussions with their workmates or friends because they fear being criticized. Being a stammerer should not stop you from giving your views. Even if you have take classes to improve your language, go do it.
  • Confront your fears: In life there are situations that will inflict fear in you, facing them with courage will help boost your confidence. When you were a kid you were definitely afraid when your parents weren’t around. However as you grew you learned go out for school, college and onto your workplace. It goes the same way for everything you are afraid of. For example if you are afraid of starting a business because it will fail, all you have to do is attend business seminars, join the entrepreneur communities and build up a support system.
  • Change your attire: Psychologists have discovered that clothes are powerful power points towards self confidence. Wearing an elegant suit and tie as you go to work makes you confident as you enter the office. Even if other people don’t appreciate you, you will have that inner urge that you are smart.
  • Think about your achievements: We make decisions all the time, some good, some bad and that determines our successes and failures. Other people criticize our failures more than they appreciate our successes. If there is merit to the criticism take it in the right spirit and simply ignore false criticisms. Yes failures take a huge toll on your self confidence and when that happens, sit down, write about all your past achievements and appreciate yourself. This one single activity of appreciating yourself for your achievements will give you a huge confidence boost.
  • Adopt an optimistic lifestyle: While we spend most of our waking hours working, give yourself a little time to relax – take a walk with a friend, watch motivational videos, literally anything that breaks the monotony. Your mind will be refreshed and you will win your smile back.
  • Change your posture: Walking with your head bent down illustrates lack of confidence; instead try quick and stiff movements with your head high, you will start feeling confident. People will notice this and will even want to emulate you; this upright posture is such a confidence builder.

While all of these tips will help you develop your self confidence, sometimes you will require a quick confidence boost. What would you do then? Well the answer is to look up a few motivational quotes and you will get instant confidence boost. And here are a couple of them.

Quotes that help to develop self confidence

Great business people and philosophers have summed it up in couple of lines the things that will help us develop self confidence. These sayings may have a hidden meaning but the words used are clear and easy to comprehend, examples are:

  • ‘Whatever we expect in confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy’. These words by Brian Tracy, makes it crystal clear that confidence is a key towards success.
  • ‘Nothing builds self esteem and self confidence than accomplishment’. Thomas Carlyle had realized that for someone to get the courage he/she has to make overcome some barriers.

As mentioned in the beginning many people take self confidence issues lightly without understanding how big an impact it can have on their lives. Life’s filled with challenges and it’s upon you to take action and overcome obstacles. Some of your friends may overlook or criticize you due to failure, just remind them that your achievements have outdone your failures.

Your failures will drive you to greater heights if you pay attention to the lessons that come with it. Along the way you will develop self confidence so much so that you will be surprised by the NEW YOU.