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Lack of self confidence – Easy to solve for those willing to change

When people with great abilities and knowledge happen to lead a mediocre life, the most likely reason is their lack of self confidence. These people are easily affected by various factors such as guilt, gloominess and anger that have an adverse effect on their lifestyle. These are issues that are very easy to solve for people who are willing to change the situation in their lives.

Signs of Lack of Self Confidence

There are many signs that show the lack of self confidence and often times are concealed by other elements. The first step to overcome lack of confidence is to identify these signs. Here are some of them to get you started

  • Focusing on Problems: People who lack self confidence focus on the problems they are having instead of finding the solutions.  When the person has a problem s/he keeps complaining and tends to ignore all the options that are right in front of their eyes.
  • Body language: Here are some of the signs exhibited by people who are affected by lack of self confidence – taking defensive position, unable maintain eye contact for a long period, bad posture and staying in places where they can’t be seen.
  • Unable to recieve compliments well: Shy people think that people who give them compliments are only trying to be nice thus they demean their efforts and tend to ignore the nice compliments.

Lot of times people do recognize these signs but still ignore them as not so important.  It is critical that you understand that this could have a negative impact not just the small things you do, but your overall lifestyle.

The dangers of lack of self confidence:

Many people think that low self esteem shows that a person is not thinking highly of themselves. It’s an oversimplified definition which is dangerous; it can damage every characteristic of a person’s life. Here are some of the dangers: –

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle: People who are shy think poorly of themselves to the extent that they may not worry to stay healthy and walk around with a why worry approach.
  • Unfulfilled Dreams: People who lack self confidence are not able to fulfill their dreams since they doubt their abilities. They may be very talented, but still don’t succeed because of their low self esteem.
  • Passed from one generation to another: A parent may think that since s/he is worthless that the child is too. Even when not trying to, the actions may show and the kid will grow up thinking s/he is worthless.
  • Dangerous to your health: The feelings of lack of confidence may be combined with depression, anxiety and stress, may lead to risk of heart diseases. They weaken the body’s immune system and raise the levels of inflammation.

Now that we have looked at the signs of lack of self confidence and the dangers associated with it, the next obvious step is learn to deal with it.

How to Deal with Lack of self Confidence?

Dealing with lack of self confidence is a positive way of boosting your lifestyle in terms of relationships, work and every activity you do. Here are a few tips that will help you be confident.

  • Enhance self esteem: It’s important to write down all your strong points, and things that make you feel special, by doing this you will be building self confidence.
  • Know and appreciate yourself: It is possible that some people who are introvert enjoy being alone and that doesn’t mean that you have low self confidence. Follow your heart and avoid doing things that will lead to self blame.
  • How to change: Many shy people may want to change but don’t know how. In fact there are steps that you can follow to develop self confidence; first write down all the things that make you feel insecure and then learn how to eliminate them. Once you get rid of shyness, you can work on your confidence.

If you need help in improving self confidence or need a confidence boost, there are a few things you can do – take classes and learn something new, speak out when you have an idea without shying away, follow a fitness plan and take care of yourself by eating healthy. Do this regularly and you will no longer have to deal with lack of self confidence.

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