If a tiny butterfly can flap its wings to change what happens to this world, what's stopping you from achieving your desires!!!!

Mind Movies Matrix – Is this the best thing since sliced bread?

You will find several Mind Movies Matrix reviews and Mind Movies Matrix bonus offers online that claim that its the best thing that happened since sliced bread. However there is the other group that call it otherwise.

So you are left wondering…
Is Mind Movies Matrix Scam? or Is Mind Movies Matrix Legit?

Well, let's find out!

A mind movie is a movie of your future. Thats it. T-H-A-T…I-S…I-T….!!!

Now when you aren't even sure of what's going to happen the next moment, how could you create a movie of your future? Wouldn't that require some magical abilities? Wouldn't that require some GOD like powers?

Well allow me to explain….

You see all of this started with what is called as the "LAW OF ATTRACTION". The principle behind the law of attraction is that "YOU BECOME what YOU THINK". So if you think positive you get positive results and if you think negative you get negative results.

WOW that was easy. Wasn't it?
Well then, why is it that most of us are still struggling to achieve our dreams and desires?

The truth is, its quite difficult for us to CONTROL our MIND. Add to it, there is a CONSCIOUS and a SUB-CONSCIOUS mind. So there are two MINDS that you need to control, if you are to achieve your dreams and desires.

The first step is to REMIND yourself of your dreams and desires. Given the fast paced world with so many distractions, it so happens that we lose track of our dreams. When was the last time that you thought about how far away you are from your dream? Probably quite long.

And that necessiated the creation of this tool called "VISION BOARDS"

So whatever your dreams are, a high paying job, a million dollars, a dream home, an awesome vacation, trip around the world… all you have to do is create your vision board. You simply have to take a picture and stick it on a board and keep the board in a place that you wouldn't miss looking every morning. This way your dreams and desires stay on top of your mind at all times.

So are Vision Boards just enough to control your MIND? Actually VISION BOARD is a visual tool to SHOW our MIND what we desire and that is just ONE piece of the puzzle.

The SECOND piece of the puzzle is TALK to our MIND and TELL what is that we want to achieve. The tool that helps us in this process is called "AFFIRMATIONS".

Affirmation can be defined as the firm declaration of something to be true, with the sole purpose of CONVINCING the MIND that what it wants to happen will happen. For example, when you tell yourself over and over, “I can buy the home of my dreams”, it will instill in your mind the confidence to go out and get the home of your dreams.

So FIRST you SHOW your MIND what you want…
SECOND you TELL your MIND what you want…

And the THIRD and MOST important STEP is to HELP your MIND EXPERIENCE what you want. There is huge difference between

"READING" the story of "AVATAR" in a book
………………vs. someone "TELLING" you the story of "AVATAR"
…………………………vs. the "EXPERIENCE" of watching the movie "AVATAR"

Don't you agree?

Going back to where we started…
A mind movie is a movie of your future. Thats it. T-H-A-T…I-S…I-T….!!!

MIND MOVIES is the tool to HELP your MIND EXPERIENCE what you want. And when you help your mind experience what you want the law of attraction goes to work and helps you achieve whatever you want.

So how do you make a Mind Movie?

Up until a few years ago there wasn't any such tool. However a smart guy named Ryan launched the Mind Movies toolkit. With this toolkit you could create a powerful video of the future you envision for yourself. Add pictures, affirmations and music to give shape, voice and feel to your dreams. Your dreams are no longer an inanimate object, they take a life of their own.

All of this sounds great, but its still a lot of work to do. And even if we were willing to work hard, not everyone of us is gifted in visualizing our dreams so vividly into the minute details.

Mind Movies Matrix comes to the RESCUE!!!

Our guy Ryan once again has come up with this tool called the MIND MOVIES MATRIX – a complete system of DONE FOR YOU Mind Movies that has literally been in the making for over 2 years because of all the elements that make it so powerful.

So what makes the Mind Movie Matrix so powerful?

The secret is in the way the Mind Movies are created. Ryan teamed up with brain entrainment specialist Morry Zelcovitch, who is the only certified brain entrainment engineers in the world and has worked with the Brazilian Government to train the military police to elite capabilities.

In his research Morry Zelcovitch found that by combining the visual element of Mind Movies firstly with brain entrainment and then secondly with hunderds of thousands of subliminal messages / AFFIRMATIONS, it would create immensely powerful and rapid results for the user.

How to use the Mind Movies Matrix System?

The perfect formula would be to watch…
…the brain entrainment Mind Movie in the MORNING
……………and the subliminal Mind Movie in the NIGHT

And to multiply the effects even more, you could listen to an hour long subliminal audio with nature sounds at any point throughout the day. And to complete the system you listen to the brain entrainment sleep meditation audio for the perfect nights sleep.

The Mind Movies Matrix System was created keeping in mind the 4 key areas of life that people want to improve

and the


…is a few minutes couple of times a day for you to see outstanding results.

So with the Mind Movies Matrix System you create an EXPERIENCE that your MIND can't resist. And this naturally leads to achieving your dreams.

YOU live only ONCE. So Make the Best of YOUR LIFE.
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P.S. I just got sent an incredible video featuring Law of Attraction icon, Natalie Ledwell. In it she explains why some people are successful and why others aren't, no matter how  hard they try. I'm so glad someone finally explained this!

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