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The most common low self esteem symptoms

Most low self esteem symptoms are obvious to the people surrounding the one who suffers from this problem. On the other hand, the one with the low self esteem problems does not actually realize s/he has them in most cases. People with self esteem issues very rarely discover on their own that almost all the problems come from this lack of self value. People who have low self esteem do not know how to appreciate their fair value and self worth.

If you have someone close to you who you think might suffer from low self esteem, look for these low self esteem symptoms to see if you are right to be concerned:

  • Lack of confidence. Low self esteem people cannot trust in themselves. They prefer to let others decide for them, because, in their opinion, all their choices are bad. They are very afraid that, if they decide to go in a certain direction, their decision is going to have a negative influence on their life.

  • Unjustified shame. People feel shame for a variety of reasons, but the low self esteem person leads this shame to extreme. He believes he is not worthy of anything good simply because of him not being perfect. He doesn’t understand that what is most beautiful about us is the imperfection we have. This shame can derive from physical imperfections, which is why people believe that, once this imperfection is out of the way, they won’t exhibit any other low self esteem symptoms. The truth is that it is this low self esteem that is preventing them from overcoming imperfections.

  • Pessimism. This doesn’t mean that all people who are pessimistic have low self esteem. However, seeing only the bad part of things and the empty half of the cup is a very common symptom of this problem.

  • Lack of self worth. Not being able to stand up for themselves and for the decisions they make. You should know that a person who exhibits low self esteem symptoms is very likely to accept being abused psychically. In some cases, the abuse turns physical and the person suffering from low self esteem believes that he or she deserves what is happening. Not being able to stand up for themselves is reflected in other ways too, but the main idea is that these people believe that they should be perfect in order not to be criticized or abused.

Fortunately, all these can stop. If you recognize one of these signs in someone close to you, you should know that you can make a difference in that person’s life. He or she can be helped to realize that he or she deserves to be optimistic and to see the positive part of things too. In some cases, this process can take quite long, but, with the help of friends and sometimes with professional help, everything can go back to normal. One thing is for sure, once you notice the low self esteem symptoms, do whatever it takes to eliminate self esteem issues for good.